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Our Approach

Create a united, sustainable cradle-to-college or career support system for our youth


Our Approach

At the City Heights Partnership for Children we believe in “collective impact” as the key to creating change for our children. Simply put, we believe that by working together towards a common vision, armed with the right information about our youth, we can be stronger for children, families, and the community overall.

Collective Impact means focusing on these three keys:

  1. A Common Community Vision of how we can promote success for our children and their families.
  2. Strong Data Capability. Effective use of data helps everyone see the facts clearly and act accordingly. We believe in setting benchmarks and using data to track results and make adjustments as necessary. Data are used only for improvement in how we serve youth.
  3. Strategic Resource Alignment. Working collectively, our partners, can boost impact, but still maintain autonomy.