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Our Students

Create a united, sustainable cradle-to-college or career support system for our youth


Our Students

We are focused first on reaching students in the Hoover High School Cluster, which includes a high school, two middle schools and ten elementary schools. In the 2012-2013 school year, there were nearly 9,000 K-12 students in the Hoover High School cluster, comprising 7.9% of the San Diego Unified School District’s students and built to house more than 10% of San Diego City Schools enrollment. Over time, this effort will expand to serve the rest of City Heights and beyond in the San Diego region.

Schools in the Hoover cluster represent the first Partnership Schools:

Hoover Cluster Snapshot

  • Hoover High School
  • 2 Middle Schools
  • 10 Elementary Schools
  • 13,000 students live in the City Heights Neighborhood with 52% attending Hoover Cluster schools
  • 97% students of color
  • 100% limited-income
  • 30 different languages are spoken in students’ households
  • 54% English Language Learners