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Impact - Vision Screenings

A scalable, replicable and sustainable approach for youth success

Vision Screenings

The Impact

  • 4,929 students screened
  • 2,087 referred for secondary eye exam
  • 493 received new glasses
  • 11 referred to Ophthalmologists

In 2012, the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Center, in collaboration with partners within The City Heights Partnership for Children, funded by Hervey Family Fund, The Parker Foundation, UC San Diego Shiley Center, The California Endowment, Price Family Charitable Fund, and Alliance Healthcare Foundation, were providing vision screenings for K-5 students within the City Heights Community. Preliminary vision screenings were conducted on 4,929 students, more than 89.6% of the goal of screening 5,500 students. Of the 4,929 students that underwent the preliminary screening, 2,087 were referred for a secondary eye exam to determine the need for glasses. Of the original 4,929 students screened, 493 students received a new pair of glasses from this program. Of the students evaluated, 66 already had prescriptions for glasses, and thus were given a new pair of frames to ensure the student would be able to see well. Also, based on the results of the screenings and exams, 11 students were referred to ophthalmologists for further evaluation. By making these discoveries early on in the child’s life, certain measures can be immediately implemented to lead to increased educational success.