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Impact - Monroe Clark Health and Wellness Center

A scalable, replicable and sustainable approach for youth success

Monroe Clark Health and Wellness Center

The Impact

  • 4 schools served
  • 1,991 patients
  • 15,160 patient visits since opening in 2012

The Monroe Clark Health and Wellness Center opened its doors in January 2012. With major funding from CHPfC partners such as San Diego Unified School District, the California Endowment, Price Charities, and the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, the Center was well positioned to have a continued impact upon the health of the students and community surrounding Monroe Clark Middle School.

Since its inception, the Monroe Clark Health and Wellness Center has had a significant impact upon the health of the students and community. The Center is fed by Rowan Elementary School, Hamilton Elementary School, Florence Joyner Elementary School, and of course, Monroe Clark Middle School. The surrounding neighborhoods also take advantage of the Health and Wellness Center’s offerings. As of June 2013, the Center has had approximately 1,991 visitors, who have made a total of 15,160 visits to the Center (87.6% to the School Nurse, 2.2% to the La Maestra Clinic, and 10.2% to the Mid-City Clinic).

We have seen a diverse group of patients at the Center, approximately 51.3% males and 48.7% females. The average age of the patient is 11 years old, and the average grade, for school-aged patients are 6.8. Most patients (88.6%) have Medi-Cal or Healthy Families insurance, though a small group has insurance with La Maestra (6.0%) or are uninsured/cash patients (5.3%). The race/ethnicity of the patients does not show a large amount of diversity, with approximately 80.0% being Latino/a or Chicano/a. Visitors of other race/ethnicities includes: African American (9.0%), Asian (4.5%), Vietnamese (3.5%), and White/Caucasian (non-Hispanic) (2.5%). Of those patients that have a GPA, the average was a 2.70, or a “B-”.

While there is a range of reasons for the patients’ visit, the majority (approximately 52.5%) come in for: Minor Injury (8.5%), Stomach Ache (7.1%), Headache (7.0%), Supervised Medical Therapy (6.5%), ADHD/ADD (5.5%), Other (5.4%), Sore Throat (4.3%), Asthma (4.1%), or Cold/Flu Symptoms (4.1%). A majority of the offerings, approximately 53.5% of the time, were one of the following: Food/Liquid (15.9%), Prescribed Medication (13.8%), Rest (13.0%), or Ice/Heat Packs (10.8%).

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