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Data Bytes

  • City Heights Population – 80,000
  • Median Income – $26,170
  • San Diego County Median Income – $51,920
  • 100% of youth low-income

Secondary Education

  • San Diego County:
    44% 25-64 year old two or four-year degree
  • City Heights:
    20% 25-64 year old post-secondary degree or certificate
  • 13,236 Students in City Heights
  • 10% of SDUSD population
  • 52% of City Heights’ youth attend neighborhood school
  • 30 different languages spoken
  • 54% English Language Learners

The Economic Impact of High School Dropouts – California’s High School Dropouts – Examining the Fiscal Consequences

 *Source: The Foundation for Educational Choice State Research, California’s High School Dropouts, Examining the Fiscal Consequences, September 2010, David  A. Stuit, Jeffrey A. Springer

  • Nearly 19% of California high school students will drop out.
  • Hispanic and African American students drop out at an estimated rate of 24% and 33% respectively.
  • Dropouts are more likely to be unemployed and twice as likely to be living in poverty.
  • Dropouts cost the state of California more than $54 billion annually in lost taxable income.
  • The estimated Medicaid costs for the state’s 3.8 million high school dropouts results in over $1 billion in added expenses.
  • The estimated average annual incarceration costs of California’s 3.8 million dropouts would decline by $374 per person had they graduated from high school, a potential cost savings of more than $1.4 billion.

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