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Work Hub - Ready for Kindergarten Collaborative Action Network

Improving youth wellness and educational outcomes

Ready for Kindergarten Action Team

The Ready for Kindergarten (RFK) Collaborative Action Network focuses its attention on making sure that children are prepared – physically, socially, emotionally, and academically – when they arrive at the door on their first day of school.

To achieve this goal, the RFK Collaborative Action Network is working in several focus areas to ensure that:

  • Mothers receive early prenatal care
  • All children are up to date on their immunization series
  • All children receive quality early care and education (Ages 0 – 3)
  • All children are enrolled in a the Quality Preschool Initiative, Head Start, or a similar program
  • All children see a dentist by age 5
  • All children are screened to determine their social, emotional, and developmental progress and that families and children who need supports and resources receive and utilize them
  • Parents have the knowledge and tools that they need to help their children develop basic literacy skills

Currently, the RFK Collaborative Action Network has several workgroups addressing these focus areas. Each workgroup is in the process of determining where the strengths of the current system are, where the challenges and gaps are, what data exists around the issue, who is currently working on the issue and what they are doing, and how efforts and resources can be aligned to fill gaps and improve systems to better serve children and families. They include:

  • Early Care and Education Workgroup
  • Quality Preschool Workgroup
  • Oral Health Workgroup
  • ASQ Workgroup

Members of the RFK Collaborative Action Network include:

  • Alfonso Rodriguez, Neighborhood House
  • Donald Klumker, SD County Office of Education, Quality Preschool Initiative
  • Bonnie Copland, County HHSA Public Health Nurse
  • Kym Hodges, County of San Diego, Share the Care Dental Initiative
  • Mary Grace Sadile, County of San Diego
  • Marty Stroud, La Maestra Community Clinic
  • Sheri Easterly, SAY San Diego
  • Valieria Koss, California Charter Schools Association
  • Abdi Mohamoud, Horn of Africa
  • Carol Berridge, SD Unified School District
  • Sylvia Gonzalez, SD Unified School District
  • Carolanne Bugey, Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary
  • Sonja Pruitt-Lord, SDSU (Chair)
  • Kischa Hill, YMCA
  • Lea Bush, Jewish Family Services
  • Linda Kerberg, The Children’s Initiative
  • Cecilia Estrada, Price Charities, Success for Life

The workgroups meet monthly and the full RFK Collaborative Action Network meets quarterly. Schedules are being determined.

Meeting location: 4305 University Ave, 6th floor, San Diego, CA 92105
Contact: Tia Anzellotti, 619-813-3490,

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